Oral Health : Have you tried Oil Pulling?


What is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling as been used in East Indian Culture as a way of maintaining oral health for thousands of years. It cleans and detoxifies teeth and surrounding gums in a natural and safe way without any added chemicals or fluoride.

Basically, you just swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, make sure it gets between teeth and covers the whole mouth. After this time as elapsed, simply spit the oil out into the trash and brush with your favorite all natural and fluoride free toothpaste.

How to do oil pulling:

  1. Put approximately a tablespoon of oil into your mouth (Raw and unprocessed coconut oil is best, it is naturally anti bacterial) I scoop it out as a solid and let it melt in my mouth before swishing. You will have to “chew” the oil for a few seconds before it melts.
  2. Swish for 20 minutes. This amount of time is key, it is just long enough to soften and break up the plague. The oil will get thicker and milky as it mixed with saliva during this time and it should be creamy-white when spit out.
  3. Spit oil into the trash can.  Especially if you have a septic system… don’t spit into the sink! Definitely do not swallow the oil as it is hopefully full of bacteria, toxins and pus that are now not in the mouth. Yuck!
  4. Rinse well with warm water.  I swish a few times with warm water to get any remaining oil out of my mouth.
  5. Brush Well. You want to get rid of all remaining toxins and only use natural tooth paste that doesn’t have any added fluoride.

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

– Fresher breath

– Less plaque buildup

– Helps in the prevention of headaches

– Whitens teeth and healthier gums

– Clearer and more radiantly skin

– Clearer sinuses

– Clearer mind

– Helps in the drainage of the lymphatic system (less toxins for it to have to process)

Oil pulling is something that will have to be done over a longer period of time to really notice all of these benefits. But with the being said you should notice an improvement when it comes to whiter teeth, healthier gums and improved breath immediately after the first use.




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