How to make your own Rosewater (Skin Toners, Room Sprays etc)

20141013_092336Make sure that the rose petals that are being used are organic. If you are making your own rosewater for skin toners, you will want to insure that they were grown without any harmful insecticides or pesticides. Which means you will probably want to harvest them for you own personal garden and not use petals from the roses your partner may have given you for a special occasion.


Large Handful of {Organic} Rose Petals

Enough {Distilled} water to just cover the rose petals


Place the fresh rose petals in a large pot, cover with distilled water, about a 1/2 inch over the petals. Lightly steam the petals until all of the colour has faded. Be careful not to bring your water to a boil or all of the special properties of the water will be lost.

Let the water cool and then strain out the petals, what you are left over with is rose water that can be used in creams, lotions, skin toner, room sprays etc.

Keep the left over water in the fridge to better preserve.