Inflammation Fighting Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is the super spice of spices! It has many disease fighting benefits and is very well known as a way to reduce inflammation in the body. But that is not all it is used for, turmeric can also be used to:

– increase the antioxidant levels in the body

– improve brain function and help to fight brain related diseases

– lower the risk of heart disease

– prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease

– effective as an anti-depressant

– effective in treating inflammation related diseases such as arthritis and joint pain.

With benefits like that who wouldn’t use more turmeric? The great thing about this super spice is that it is very easy to add to the foods we already enjoy. For example sprinkle it into your next smoothie or shake, add it to rice dishes or make a turmeric paste and enjoy it as a tea!


2 1/2 tablespoons of freshly ground turmeric
1 1/2 teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper
1 cup of local raw honey

2 tablespoons of ginger (optional, if the above is too bitter)


To make the paste, I used a 1 cup canning jar and filled it in layers — a layer of honey with a tablespoon of turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper, another layer of honey. Continue until you have used all of the ingredients. Store this mixture in the fridge to prolong its life.

For tea, simply use about a teaspoon of paste in a tea cup of hot water. Squeeze in a bit of fresh lemon or lime to brighten the flavor.